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Project: Homage To Our Heroes

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Fishermen at Sunset

Project: Homage To Our Heroes At A Glance

Project: Homage To Our Heroes,

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that was created to help our Nations Heroes. We take them out fishing, camping, golfing, Bowling, Hiking and many more outdoor activities. This brings our brothers and sisters together to try and help them through any difficulties they may be experiencing. Show them they are not alone and they are not forgotten. We help them with educational resources through our networking Hub. We are requesting any donations to get the supplies needed to help support our mission, as we hope to take multiple trips this year. EIN number available upon request. Thank you for your consideration we truly appreciate any support we may receive.

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Free Services for Heroes

Rest and Relaxation


Heroes Fishing Trips

Fish on!

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Heroes Golfing Trips

Hole in one!

Bowling Pins

Heroes Bowling Trips



Veteran Connection

Networking & VA Claims Party

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Our Mission:

To pay homage to our heroes by providing them with a free positive mental health outlet 
by way of outdoor recreational trips as well as educational resources. Nations Heroes consist of Veterans, Active Military, 1st Responders, and Gold Star Families.  These trips give our Nations Heroes an escape from everyday struggles from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Harm, Traumatic Brain Injury and other mental health Disabilities. Provided outdoor recreational trips helps format an unorthodox group counseling session by means of camaraderie and discussions of past experiences. Suicide prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking them seriously; blinded by feelings of self-loathing, hopelessness and isolation can best be coped with outdoor recreational activities. 

Recreational Activities Benefits:

     1. Inter-personal building 

     2. Grounding one-self 

     3. Removing tension and stress

     4. Make Fond Memories

     5. Cultivating love for nature

     6. Educational Empowerment and available resources

     7. Networking with like-minded people 

     8. Overcoming and coping mental health disorders 

     9. Brotherhood and Sisterhood (sense of belonging)

Home: Who We Are

Scientific Studies In Support of Our Mission

Stay in the Know


The wellness benefits of the great outdoors

March 24, 2021


Nurtured by Nature

April 1, 2020

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The effect of time outdoors on veterans receiving treatment for PTSD

April 26, 2021


Fly-Fishing and the Brain


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Getting To Know Our President

Our President Javier  served in the United States Marine Corp from January 2002 - January 2007. Deployed to Afghanistan in early 2004, campaign "Operation Enduring Freedom" a Joint Task Force at Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan. Transitioning back home was proving to be  complicated for him. He'd wake up in hyper vigilant state saying he heard loud booms and banging noises. While going about his day he was always paranoid. He avoided public places and large gatherings. Started drinking heavily to cope, as he didn't know he had a problem. Years later was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and other conditions that are service related. In that time frame  (2007-2010) working many hours of over time and during down time drinking has kept him distracted. Around 2010 He picked up shooting for a hobby that only stuck around for a couple of years. 2012 he started camping and fishing at Lake Mohave NV which later on lead to ocean fishing. Lake and ocean fishing has been his passion since. When he's on the water Fishing his worries drift away. Despite Javier's physical disabilities and struggles to get on the water, he finds it to be tranquil, his place of Zen. Javier finds fishing to be therapeutic a form of coping mechanism for his disabilities. Since finding his coping mechanism and therapy he doesn't drink alcohol much and no longer needs distractions such as working a lot of overtime. He's very heart set on sharing his passion for fishing knowing first hand how much its helped him! The very reason for Creating Project: Homage To Our Heroes Inc is to "Help Spread awareness that my Brothers and Sisters in arms are not alone and there's positive ways to cope that's not through self harm" Javier M.

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P.O. Box 4672 Lancaster Ca 93539


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